Sunday, January 4, 2009

Helpful Links to Donate Your Electronic Equipment

This is a list of different sites that recycle electronics. Almost everything can be recycled. Before you throw it out, consider contacting these agencies and recycling.

A non-profit organization in Louisiana accepting e-waste for recycling is the Corporate Recycling Council (CRC)

The Computers for Schools Association maintains a web site to assist you in donating your computer to schools in your area.

Charity America unites donors and businesses with qualified charities from across the nation.

Share the Technology organization connects computer donors and non-profit donation seekers throughout the country.

The National Christina Foundation accepts donated computers to give to people with disabilities and students at risk.

Check out the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality recycling list of recyclers.

Cellular phones and rechargeable batteries are easily recycled. To find the nearest drop-off retailer call 1-800-8-BATTERY or check out

Helpful Reading Materials (require Adobe Reader software)

For more information about electronics recycling, contact the DEQ Recycling Section at (225) 219-3266 or 800-305-6621.

Source: Louisiana DEQ website

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