Monday, February 16, 2009

Certified Organic Operations in Louisiana

The Southern Organic Resource Guide has a listing of Certified Organic Operations in Louisiana

This listing is from the Southern Organic Resource Guide website:
"The following information was graciously supplied by the agents who certify in Louisiana. All certified operations were contacted for verification of the information. Only operations that were certified prior to June 1, 2005 and provided their approval for inclusion are listed in this resource manual.

Operations are listed in alphabetical order, by name of the operation. No attempt was made to sort by certifying agent, location, or size of the operation. Numbers assigned to operations correspond to numbering on the Louisiana map.

Berry Sweet Orchards, LLC, P.O. Box 191, 5110 Brown Rd., Ethel, LA 70730, 225-683-8584, Three acres blueberries and vegetables.

Conrad Rice Mill, Inc., P.O. Box 10640, New Iberia, LA 70562, 337-364-7242, Brown rice crackers

Crane’s Run Farm, P.O. Box 267, Norwood, LA 70761, 504-866-6551, Five acres vegetables, fruits, and nuts

The Folger/Millstone Coffee Company, 5242 Coffee Dr., New Orleans, LA 70115-7769, 504-894-0112, Coffee

Green Mountain Flavors, Inc., 236 Thoroughbred Dr., Lafayette, LA 70507, 337-886-1509, Flavors, syrups

Isa’s Organic Farm, 6251 Hwy 29, Braithwaite, LA 70040-2149, 504-682-7018, Four acres citrus (grapefruit, navel orange, satsuma, and lime)

Kiko Foods, Inc., 2628 Lexington Ave., Kenner, LA 70062, 504-466-2090, Aseptic packer of juice-based beverages

L’Hoste Citrus, 6397 Hwy 39, Braithwaite, LA 70040, 504-682-0312, Ten acres citrus (grapefruit, satsuma, lemon, navel orange), persimmons, and figs

Pastime Farms, LLC, 65409 Highway 1058, Roseland, LA 70456, 985-748-6504,, 100 acres vegetables and fruits

Paturelle Plantation Farms, 13270 Hwy 23, Belle Chase, LA 70037, 504-656-3375, Fifteen acres citrus, pecans, persimmons; One acre produce

Pepper Source Ltd., 2709 Division Street, Metairie, LA 70002, 504-885-3223, Stir-fry sauce

Windy Wood Farm, 81540 Hwy. 1082, Bush, LA 70431, 985-892-7685, One acre Vegetables, fruits, and herbs"

The website offers great information about organics. There is a map of Louisiana that shows the location of the organic operations.

There are also organic information on growers in Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee.

This is a great resource for educating yourself on organic growers and food products.

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